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(Picture: the Southampton-Woolston Toll Bridge over the River Itchen)

Founded on 20th October 1930 with its Warrant dated 23rd May 1930 Priory is an active Lodge with nearly forty six members/candidates for admission. The reasons given by the founders for the name was that ?St Denys Priory, adjacent to Bitterne Park, was founded in about 1124 and flourished until about a century ago, and some ruins are still able to be seen?.  The Lodge Attracts candidates from men of widely different backgrounds with full ceremonies or lectures being carried out at all meetings.  The Installation of the new Worshipful Master and his officers takes place in October with September being a 'past masters' night'.  If you are interested in joining - either as a joining member or for initiation into Freemasonry - please let us know through  'Contact Us'.  Further Information on Freemasonry may be found on Grand Lodge's Website in the page entitled 'What is Freemasonry?'

Woolston Masonic Centre - built in the 1920's - has an attractive lodge room with beautiful murals on the walls, many depicting old parts of Southampton and Southern England.  The remainder of the building was extensively re-built in 2003, now affording a large dining room and comfortable bar area.  The Centre also owns a fairly large car park and is situated only about 250 metres from the Woolston end of the toll bridge (above) where pay booths are situated.

We are also interested in having mutual web site links with other Priory Lodges.  So far we have established contact with Finchale Priory Lodge, No, 7059, Chester-le-Street, in the Province of Durham.  So if you are another Priory Lodge please use the 'Contact Us' link on this site to make your Lodge known to your members.  

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